Medical Products


Type: with menthol, with chestnut extract, with clove extract

Designated use:

The ALPAGEL medical products are designated for treatment, moderation of disorders as well as prevention of spinal pains resulting from osteoarthritis of cervical and lumbar areas, from degenerative changes, neuralgia of various origin, ache of joints caused by degenerative illnesses and condition of large joints after their artificial replacement, on muscular ache after overtraining, on traumatogenic pains without fracture, on traumatogenic bruise, on rheumatic artritis and analogical conditions to the ones listed above. After application the ALPAGEL leaves a pleasant and refreshing feeling on the skin.


ALPAGEL with clove extract for pain relieve.

ALPAGEL with menthol for refreshment and relieve of muscular pain.

ALPAGEL with chestnut extract for improvement of blood circulation and reduction of swelling.