General using of embrocation

for headache

some drops of ALPA embrocation should be applied to the back of the neck and temples and rubbed into the skin

for rheumatism, joint and back pains

ALPA embrocation should be lightly massaged into the skin, this will help blood flow to the tissue, muscles and will lessen the pain. An enhanced effect can be achieved by applying a compress

for travelling

rubbing a few drops of ALPA embrocation on the forehead, temples, the back of the neck and on the back pleasantly refreshes and ensures mental relaxation


for the common cold and influenza

several drops of ALPA embrocation should be put into tepid water and gargled, inhalation of the etheric oils in ALPA embrocation unblock the nose and breathing passages and generally refresh

for bathing

ALPA embrocation should be added to bath water, etheric oils contained in ALPA embrocation (eucalyptus, mint, lavender and sage) provide mental and physical relaxation and refreshment when combined with bathing

for longer periods of confinement to bed

massages with ALPA embrocation are especially pleasant for bedridden patients who do not have enough movement, helping the patient to keep a good mental state and prevent bedsores

for sport and physical exertion

ALPA embrocation is essential for massage of the whole body as it lowers muscle fatigue, refreshes, cools and overcomes the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion

for sprains, strains and dislocation

ALPA embrocation should be applied to the place where it hurts, a compress may also be applied, etheric oils relax and support healing